Baseball Chair

Baseball Chair

Baseball Chair

Baseball is cool! Your kids are cool! Now you can be cool too (not that you are not already) by buying a baseball chair for your child’s room,  family room or game room.The look is extremely stylish and would be an especially awesome and practical fit in any room that has some kind of sports theme going on!

Of course, if your child is in little league for fun, or has dreams of one day making it into the pros, then this is definitely a must have item that will reflect their personal love of the game and your love for them! And if nothing else, Continue reading

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Baseball Chair For Children With Ottoman

Baseball Chair For Children With Ottoman Baseball Chair For Children With Ottoman

One of the more enjoyable moments about working is when we finish for the day and can relax in our own comfy chair at home. Your children are no different and a baseball chair with ottoman provides them with their own comfortable chair to relax in while watching TV, reading, doing homework or just taking a few moments to relax after a long day of school or activities. Plus, if you have decorated your little one’s room in a sports related theme, this chair and ottoman fits perfectly. The look on your little guy or gal’s face once they see the chair in their room for the first time will, I’m sure, be priceless!

The Mark Baseball Chair and Ottoman pictured above features a “Milky-Soft” leather-like fabric and comes completely assembled for instant placement in your child’s room. The leather like fabric is easily cleaned using a mild soap and warm water. And the easily cleaned padded cushions are thick, comfortable and soft and should provide your little one with a relaxing change of pace after a “hard” day of learning and playing.

For more information on this baseball chair and ottoman set, please click here.

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MLB Team Logo Toaster

MLB Team Logo ToasterMLB Team Logo Toaster

When your little baseball players sit down for breakfast, make it fun by giving them toast that features their favorite baseball team logos toasted into the bread. No matter the team, if they are MLB then there will be a logo toaster for you.

That being said, this is toaster to be used as a novelty item more than an actual everyday toaster. Many reviewers on Amazon have stated that while the team logo is nicely toasted onto the bread, the rest of the bread is mildly crispy at best, and there appears to be a problem with how big a slice you can fit into the toaster, which may be an issue if you love your toast in the morning.

All that to say, there are many positive comments regarding this toaster and its use, so it obviously works for some and not others. In fact, 63 reviewers out of 95 gave it anywhere from 3 to 5 stars, while 29 reviewers rated the toaster between 1 and 2 stars.

Clearly this is a toaster than can be a fun addition to the kitchen and should be used more for the kids who love baseball rather than the adults who love toast.

For more information on the above MLB Protoast Toasters, please click here.

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Inflatable Baseballs – Indoor Outdoor Family Fun

Inflatable BaseballsInflatable Baseballs

Whether you use these inflatable baseballs at the beach, in the backyard, in the family play room or at your child’s birthday party, they are sure to be a hit with both young and old alike. Looking for something fun to do at the camp site or beach to keep your kids occupied while you take a few zzzz’s? Get a game going with a bunch of inflatable baseballs and a couple of inflatable baseball bats and your kids will keep busy for hours.

Inflatable baseballs and an inflatable bat are also great when your all stuck in the house on a rainy or snowy day. Simply set up the basement or family play room in a make-shift baseball diamond and you’re all set to let the games begin! Of course, you’ll probably want to join in on the fun or just be the umpire, your call.

However you decide to use inflatable baseballs, your children will surely have an enjoyable time.

For more information on the above pictured inflatable baseballs, please click here.

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Baseball Glove Lounge Pool Floater

Baseball Lounge Pool FloaterBaseball glove lounge pool floater

For the baseball lovers in your family, a baseball glove lounge pool floater is a great way to kick back and enjoy a hot summer day. Your kids are sure to love the over-sized jumbo baseball floater as they can crawl all over it as they splash around in the pool. And because it is jumbo, the adults can enjoy it as well with plenty of room to stretch out and take some rays. A most relaxing way to spend a few hours or even a long weekend.

The above pictured baseball glove lounge pool floater is a full 74 inches by 63 inches by 15 inches when deflated and should have no problem accommodating most individuals. The jumbo float also features a string and durable 11 gauge vinyl covering with four separate air chambers for an even, comfortable and smooth floating experience. The floater should last you at least a few years if handled properly, so you definitely get your money’s worth. It also makes a great gift for any pool lover or baseball enthusiast.

For more information on the Poolmaster baseball glove lounge, please click here.

Baeball Lounge Pool Floaters

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Kids Baseball Bean Bag Chair For Toddlers

Baseball Bean Bag Chair For KidsKids Baseball Bean Bag Chair For Toddlers

When the grown ups get together to watch the big game, your little guy or girl can sit with them in style with their very own baseball bean bag chair . This is a great bean bag chair for kids that reflects their fondness for all things baseball.

Of course, this baseball bean bag chair would also look great in your child’s room and would make for great seating in a play or family room. Set up a few of these bean bag chairs for your youngsters and their friends to watch TV or a movie and they’ll be doing so in comfort. The 100% polyester fabric makes it easy to clean by just using warm water along with a mild soap. Easy peasy :)

For more information on the above pictured Newco International Kids Bean Bag, Baseball, please click on the link.

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