Inflatable Baseballs – Indoor Outdoor Family Fun

Inflatable BaseballsInflatable Baseballs

Whether you use these inflatable baseballs at the beach, in the backyard, in the family play room or at your child’s birthday party, they are sure to be a hit with both young and old alike. Looking for something fun to do at the camp site or beach to keep your kids occupied while you take a few zzzz’s? Get a game going with a bunch of inflatable baseballs and a couple of inflatable baseball bats and your kids will keep busy for hours.

Inflatable baseballs and an inflatable bat are also great when your all stuck in the house on a rainy or snowy day. Simply set up the basement or family play room in a make-shift baseball diamond and you’re all set to let the games begin! Of course, you’ll probably want to join in on the fun or just be the umpire, your call.

However you decide to use inflatable baseballs, your children will surely have an enjoyable time.

For more information on the above pictured inflatable baseballs, please click here.

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One Response to Inflatable Baseballs – Indoor Outdoor Family Fun

  1. Perry Franklin says:

    How fun is that! When I was a kid we had plastic bats and balls which still hurt when you were hit with either of them. Wonder if the new ones would hurt these days?